• A Irmandade

    Sinopse Documentary feature filme based on the awarded short movie Let the Rain Fall (Deixa a Chuva Cair) which tell the story of three young men who use the music for...

  • Play Time

    “Play Time” is a documentary series composed of 27 (twenty seven) inter-programs of 2 (two) minutes each, aimed at children 3-12 years of age, whose episodes...

Framme Productions



We are a Video producer with over 20 years of experience who always walked between doing advertising and documentary work, but now plunges headlong into audiovisual productions. At this point, we want to use all our experience with commercials, clips, TV shows and documentaries to tell our own stories. To achieve this in the best possible way, we always try to bring innovation into everything we do – both when it comes to the choice of the best ideas, equipment or techniques. This constant search for improvement is a feature that we can proudly say is also present in each member of our team.

Today, Framme has trained professionals from some of the country’s best courses in direction and cinematography. In addition, a part of the team participated in courses and conferences in the cities of Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York, in the USA.
This continuous improvement has enabled us to naturally carry out increasingly daring work. We know that, now more than ever, is the time to reinvent ourselves and (always) seek greater challenges.




Professor Elias Torres, 1089 - B . São Cristovão
Teresina/PI - Brazil / ZIP CODE: 64052-160
Phone: +55 (86) 3222-7599